A Proven Process & Exceptional Results

A More Professional Skilled Approach

Based on years of experience and proven results for our very diverse Clientele, we have found that using a more professional approach with higher skilled staff and quality vendors is one of the keys to our ability to produce better and more positive results resolving disputes, protecting credit, recovering past due debt and preventing losses.      

This includes the use of key critical thinking skills, “front end” fact finding, objective dispute analysis, evidence and case organization, technical writing as needed to help both debtors and our Clientele better understand the issues and realities of their cases and situations, developing & implementing customized strategies based upon proven recovery principles, and communicating with all parties in an effective manner to maximize the probability of successful results.

Escalation Options

Although the vast majority of the projects we work on for our clients are resolved by the above noted more professional approach, sometimes it takes further action such as “escalation” to obtain the requisite results.  

For example, as justified, we also peform a) credit reporting, b) liening against assets, c) filing claims against applicable bonds, d) filing estate/probate claims, e) filing lawsuits, f) garnishing assets, etc.

Quality Over Quantity

Another key component of our success in obtaining exceptional and consistent results is our focus on “quality over quantity”.  

As business history has repeatedly proven regardless of the industry, if a business puts quantity ahead of quality, this usually ultimately results in poor results, poor customer service, and if not corrected within a reasonable period of time, this usually results in the failure and closure of the business and/or bankruptcy.  

Therefore, our focus has been and remains “quality over quantity”.  It works.



Capitalization, Infrastructure, Stability

Without adequate capitalization, infrastructure and stability, our more professional approach as referenced above would not be possible.

These principles & lessons have been proven over and over again by countless other very sucessessful businesses during the past 100+ years.  They never change.  See IBM, General Electric, Apple, et al.

For example, although we are a successful ongoing business concern of over 16+ years, have extensive capitalization, quality insurance, are bonded, have excellent internal tools, good credit, great clients, a successful/proven dispute resolution and recovery system which is key to the exceptional consistent results we obtain for our clients, we realize hype is … and would therefore prefer you simply research us and then compare us against…  We believe the results will speak volumes…

Stability.  Without stability we would not be able to provide our consistent, exceptional results.  We are aware of the importance of having stability and have focused on maintaining stability as well.  

For example, we have resided in the same location, have the same core staff, same core vendors, and… for the past 16+ years. This is no accident.  

This stability is deliberate and it is critical to our abilty to consistently serve Clientele at such a high level.  



 Claims, Industries & Regions We Service

We service both commercial & consumer claim requests. This includes breaches of agreement, promissory notes, unjust enrichment, torts, unpaid wages, fraud, personal injury, estate claims, et al.  We service Clientele throughout North America and Europe.

The industries we successfully service are many.  For example,  construction, accounting, law, freight and logistics, information technology,  medical/dental, engineering, architects, fuel suppliers, radio stations, graphic designers, property managers, boat and marine service providers,  et al.


We encourage you to research and confirm our proven business history and status by checking with the Washington State Department of Revenue, Department of Licensing, and Secretary of State.  

Although we can all get a sense of a business’s credibility and capabilties by looking at its website, due to hype, the wonders of technology and the “virtual” world, sometimes what we see is not what we get.  

As such we have learned the best way to see what a prospective vendor can do is by simply speaking with them and then if they show us during our phone verification with them that they are competent, credible, knowledgeable, we simply test them with a real project.  Only then can one really know whether the company is just hype or the real deal.  It is called “substance” over “form”.  

When a company has substance, it is solid, well capitalized, has proven infrastructure, employs highly skilled professionals, and is consistent and stable.  It consistently performs.  

Therefore, we invite you to simply contact us and if after discussing your needs and our abilities to fulfill your needs you feel comfortable, we propose you just give us a try and test us.  

Based on our history and feedback from our clientele, we believe you will be surprised and pleased with the results!



 Dispute Resolution

Successfully resolving disputes ideally in a win/win manner is important.  It can save thousands of employee labor hours, legal costs, your reputation and in some cases, given the nature/impact of social media,  even the survival of your business


Credit Management

Managing credit and protecting capital is critical for all businesses to be able to not only survive, but prosper.  This includes the use of credit applications, checking credit, requiring personal guarantees and/or co-signors as appropriate.  


Debt Recovery

Recovering past due debt is important to every business as well.  Uncollected bad debts are lost profit dollars.  Having a vendor that is able to recover debt in a reputable, effective manner helps increase cash flow and profitability .


Dispute Prevention

Developing tools and processes to prevent disputes and training staff on how to better document and communicate can make a huge positive difference in preventing disputes and save thousands of hours while increasing productivity.  

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